Innovations to BETTER feed the planet!

Our innovative technology makes it possible to produce fresh, high-quality food in optimal growing conditions and natural light.


R&D at the heart of our project

We develop new technologies in order to:

  • Producing healthy food without pesticides or herbicides
  • Increase our products freshness

  • Optimize water consumption

  • Increase yields on the same agricultural area

  • Respect the environment

  • Practice a responsible social behavior

Our innovative technology : X-Frame

  • A vertical hydroponics system (Patent #FR2001439)
  • High yields

  • Optimized use of space

  • Powerful nutrient dosing system

  • Simplification of the planting and harvesting process

  • Maximum optimization of water consumption (95% savings/conventional crops)

Our greenhouse

  • New generation production greenhouse of 10,000 m2 on 9 m high + Nursery greenhouse of 2000 m2

  • Automated greenhouse using artificial intelligence

  • Our tool allows us to produce 22000 plants / day


Laboratory & R&D center

  • Optimization of water and energy use

  • Expansion of the range of cultivated plants

  • Control and optimization of the growth cycles of the plants
  • Development of new growing supports with better yields