Babylone Growers applies on agro-ecological model :

By reducing crop vulnerability to weather hazards and promoting adaptation to climate change.

Its irrigation technology allows optimal management of water resources.

Its X-Frame growing medium optimizes yields while considerably reducing the rate of land use.

Babylone Growers follows a responsible social plan which aims to promote local agriculture and improve the working conditions of its employees:

  • Optimized working conditions

  • Continuous training

  • Stable full-time jobs without seasonality

  • Positions adapted for people with disabilities

Babylone Growers is developing a virtuous and exportable agricultural model :

Our technology is perfectly suited for countries with extreme, dry and arid climates, and whose food depends heavily on the massive import of fruits and vegetables.

The techniques developed by Babylone Growers offer these countries the opportunity to develop and benefit from efficient local production, such as to reduce or even completely replace the import of certain key products for their food. This sustainable development plan is also a factor in the creation of qualified jobs locally. Reducing imports also helps to significantly reduce the carbon footprint.

Babylon Growers responds to 7 of the 17 goals adopted by all member states of the united nations in 2015 as a universal call to action to reduce poverty, protect the planet and ensure that everyone can live in peace and prosperity by the year 2030.